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Xercise4Less Member App

Your new fitness partner

Join the gym. Download the app. Book the class.

Xercise4Less Member App

The next level fitness partner. Are you ready?

Free to download Apple store or Google Play or Sign in here


 Track daily fitness activities in the gym & at home.
Training plans to achieve your goals.
Over 2000 exercises & activities.
Save your workouts, create your own training plans.
Monitor your progress through your activity calendar.


Find your nearest club & opening hours
View class timetables at all clubs.
Easy to book classes & inductions.


Join challenges, earn rewards, smash results.
Create challenges, invite friends.
More motivation.


Join your local Club Hub.
Create your own profile, share on Social Media.
Fitness Forums, like minded people.
More support, pushing you towards your goals.


Your fitness goal. Our fitness app.

Now it's your time. We believe in you.



Attending transformation camps?

Upgrade to the PRO version for free. Get full access to the Nutrition App. Here's how you do that:


How to activate your online account at Xercise4Less

We'll help you get your app account up and running in no time. Fill out your PARQ health questionnaire. Setup your profile. If you bump into any issues, we've a below video to help!

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