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We are Xercise4Less

We know the one thing that keeps our members motivated is seeing real results. That’s why we don’t just help you set gym goals, we help you smash them.

Open 7 days a week

Separate Ladies only areas

FREE classes every month

400+ pieces of the latest gym equipment

Expert Advice. Always there for you.

"I lost weight and gained so much more."

Ahmed Alnamer joined Xercise4Less Rotherham, and swears it has changed his life. Find out more about his recommended exercises and programmes.

"My confidence was at an all time low..."

Mike thought he would always be the skinny lad, until he joined Xercise4Less and got the support and diet advice he needed.

"Joining the gym completely turned my life around!"

After joining Xercise4Less Carol has lost 7 stone and qualified for the GBPF British power-lifting championships. We're impressed, and you should be too.

"How Xercise4Less classes got me out of a rut and got me fit"

"My goal was to fit back in to a pair of shorts I wore on my last girls holiday"

"No one makes you feel intimidated."

Rita wanted to improve her lifestyle and become a healthier and happier person. After a year at Xercise4Less she has done just that.

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Your 2018 Transformation

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4FiiT Jamie and Mature Lady

Benefits of Personal Training

Succeed with a Personal Trainer. Fun inclusive interval training is the new way to work out. Be the best version of yourself.
Children excising with mum in gym studio

Free Xercise4Kids Classes

Whether you are a member or aren't actually a gym goer we provide free kids exercise classes for all families. Learn more below

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Over 400 pieces of the latest gym equipment, 200 FREE classes every month, separate ladies-only gym areas, expert advice always on hand and open every day. Join now from £7.99 per month (ends midnight. Monday).

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