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Xercise4Less Ladies Only Gym Zones

Are you looking for a lady’s gym near you?

Women of all shapes, sizes and ages work out in Xercise4Less Ladies Only gym zones. Get fit in our private and self-contained space designed especially for women. Whether you’re a female member new to the gym or a woman workout veteran sometimes it’s more comforting to exercise alongside real women with real bodies. You can count on the support of our friendly women members as well as our approachable Personal Trainers to help you get to grips with equipment, technique or any nutrition tips!

Xercise4Less gyms empower our female members to realise their health and wellbeing ambitions. We provide Ladies Only gym zones kitted out with the latest cardio and resistance machines as well as a wide range of free weights. When you join Xercise4Less today you can enjoy the privacy of a relaxed women only exercise space to work out without fear of intimidation from the main gym floor. 



Women Only Gyms for Every Female Xercise4Less Member

Every woman is welcome to exercise at Xercise4Less ladies only gyms. Your current fitness level doesn’t matter. Don’t worry about how toned you are. Don’t worry if you feel a little intimidated about lifting weights in the main weights area. We understand that every women’s fitness journey is different. We want all our female members to reach their fitness targets no matter how long it takes them, from first time weightlifters to potential marathon runners. As a ladies only gym near you our focus is on transforming your fitness and your life through realistic exercise programmes designed for real women. We deliver effective programmes that will excite you whether you’re a women only gym newbie or a long-time female gym member. We just know you’ll love working out at an Xercise4Less Ladies Only gym.


Feel Comfortable Working Out in a Ladies Gym

Sometimes working out in a women’s gym area is just the first step on your fitness journey. Get comfortable with the inclusive female gym experience at Xercise4Less and when you’re ready you can work out what other gym facilities suit your fitness needs. You may feel more comfortable using the ladies only gym zones for strength training but also want to work up a sweat on the treadmill or bike. Our ladies only gym zones are there to suit the needs of every woman, no matter what your passion!

No-one has perfect form when they first try an exercise but our friendly Xercise4Less ladies gym zones will help you master the most effective methods of working out and empower you to take your fitness to the next level. You’ll get even more excited than us at seeing your body transform from regular workouts in our female only gyms zones. You’ll relish getting into great shape thanks to a supportive environment just right for women gym members.


Join the Best Female Only Gym Near You

Within Xercise4Less Ladies Only gym zones you’ll find yourself part of an exercise community full of friendly female gym members. Your female only zone is equipped with all the cardio, free weights, and resistance machines you need to get fit. Just take a look at the exercise kit you can access in a Xercise4Less Ladies Only gym zone:

  • 2 x treadmills
  • 2 x climbmills
  • 2 x upright bikes
  • 2 x recumbent bikes
  • 2 x rowers
  • 2 x ellipticals
  • 1 x hip abductor
  • 1 x half rack and lifting platform
  • 2 x adjustable benches
  • Free weights area including dumbbells from 2 – 20kg
  • Kettle bell rack with kettlebells up to 12kg
  • Free standing punchbag


There’s really nothing stopping you from working out at in a Xercise4Less Ladies Only gym zone. Join Xercise4Less Gyms today and work on your body in a comfortable, women only gym space. 


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