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Get your sweat on at your local Xercise4Less with a Cycle4FiiT class


Cycle4FiiT exercise classes is a high-intensity cycling workout which take place on a spin bike. Cycle4FiiT classes are run multiple times throughout the week, so you can book Cycle4FiiT at a time that suits you.

Xercise4Less gyms offers its customers a bigger space, more gym equipment and a huge range of exercise classes that means gym members get the opportunity to work out the way they want to without any hassle.

Exercise for less with the best gym membership at your local Xercise4Less. You can book online to attend Cycle4FiiT and 40+ other fitness classes to challenge and test yourself, at no extra cost.


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Cycle4FiiT is designed by Xercise4Less instructors. It involves constant movement throughout the duration of the class, with resistance added and reduced throughout. How hard or easy you make a spin class is entirely in your control.

At a Cycle4FiiT exercise class, you’ll hear music blasting, motivating instructors and witness a room full of people sweating buckets.

The classes are so exhilarating that no matter how exhausted you felt during, you’ll keep coming back for more.

You’ll not only get a brilliant workout and burn loads of calories, but you’ll also feel refreshed and alive following the workout.

For the best value for money, and to exercise for less at one of our gyms, sign up to one of our classes through the website today!


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Book a Cycle4FiiT exercise class today


A Cycle4FiiT exercise class is a quick way to get an intense workout done, which will bring a number of benefits to your body.

Cycle4FiiT is a great alternative to running or walking and is great if you want to try something new and challenging. The loud, upbeat music along with the high energy motivates all gym members to push themselves to the limit.

Classes are essentially a visualisation of an outdoor workout, using varying resistances and speeds creating a replica of uphill, downhill and long straight cycles.

The ability to control the bikes resistance enables gym members to make the class as easy, or as hard as they want to make it. The only person in the class who knows how hard you’re working is you!

Music is a great motivator, which is why the instructor’s choice of playlist is just as important as the workout itself. Both the music, and the people working hard around you often make you forget how much you’re hurting – making for an enjoyable and rewarding workout!


Not a member? Get an Xercise4Less Gym Membership Today 
Peak membership from 52p per day / £3.69 a week


The short, sharp bursts of sprints and hill efforts combined with active recovery and longer intervals test both strength and endurance. They help to push your lactic acid threshold, increase fat loss and build muscle. You’ll also burn anywhere between 500 to 700 calories in an hour’s workout.

Classes guarantee a great community feel, where everyone in the class, including the instructor, is motivating and encouraging those around them to ensure they are getting the very most out of their workout.

Book onto a Cycle4FiiT class up to seven days in advance by using the Xercise4Less Mobile app, Website or at the gym reception to push yourself to the limit and feel a million dollars afterwards.


Love cycling? Book your space now.

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