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A challenging all body free weight workout.  Bootcamp mixes cardio and resistance exercises to improve your balance, strength and flexibility. 

Battle Ropes. Slam Balls. Core Bag Lifts. Build your strength.

Bootcamp is a challenging free-weight workout for your entire body, increasing strength and improving your definition. Within this class there is an element of circuits involved.

Bootcamp is one of our most popular classes so please book your space. You can pre-book up to 7 days in advance using the Xercise4Less app. Feel the burn, see the results.

Bootcamp is a mix of cardio and resistance exercise which combine bodyweight exercises with free weight exercises. It will help you to improve your balance, strength and flexibility. This great overall workout welcomes all fitness levels.

Bootcamp classes are 1 hour long and are jam-packed full of exercises that keep you moving throughout the room, burning calories and building strength.

Benefits will be felt after attending classes once a week. Bootcamp is a perfect class for all fitness levels as all the exercises can be modified to your ability. Wear comfortable clothing, which is easy to move in and supportive footwear suitable for an indoor fitness centre. 

two girls running on treadmill being encouraged by a personal trainer in the 4FiiT area at Xercise4Less Harlow

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