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Xercise4Less are partnering with Anthony Nolan.


Why are we supporting Anthony Nolan?

Xercise4Less are proud to partner with Anthony Nolan to help save the lives of people with blood cancer.

Throughout February all Xercise4Less clubs are coming together with Anthony Nolan to encourage people to donate and make the incredible decision to join the register and become a donor.

Anthony Nolan supports people with blood cancer to find a match. The process is simple: a spit sample is taken from potential donors, this is then added to the Anthony Nolan register. When a patient with blood cancer is in need of a stem cell transplant, Anthony Nolan simply search the register. If a genetic match is found they are contacted to see if they would be happy to take part in a stem cell transplant which could save somebody’s life.

Anthony Nolan also offers help and support for those who are awaiting a stem cell transplant, those going through a transplant and those who have just had a transplant. They are always on hand to offer support for any queries and questions, for the patients and donors too.

Who is Anthony Nolan?

Anthony Nolan was born in 1971 with a rare condition called Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome. To survive, Anthony Nolan needed a bone marrow transplant but sadly none of his family were a match. At the time there was no system in place to match unrelated donors, so Anthony’s mother decided to set up a register to help others like her son in desperate need for a transplant. Unfortunately, although the register grew, there was never a match for Anthony who passed away age 8 in 1979.  The register still exists today and helps many others, in the same position as Anthony, to find a life saving match.

What are we doing to support Anthony Nolan? 

The Anthony Nolan Charity - Xercise4Less What's on Events

Who can join the Anthony Nolan register?

People aged 16 - 30, over 50KG and in good health can join the Anthony Nolan register

When you join the register online please remember to

select Xercise4Less when it asks where you heard about Anthony Nolan!

Join the Anthony Nolan donor register

 Xercise4Less is with Anthony Nolan. Saving the lives of people with blood cancer.

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