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Revolutionise Your Fitness with a Body Transformation Camp

How does radically changing your body, blasting fat and toning your muscles sound? That’s what Xercise4Less Newcastle gym member Nick Henderson managed to do when he lost 2 stone in just 8 weeks, moving from 18.9 stone down to 16.9. Amazing, but how?

Nick joined one of our dedicated Transformation Camps and saw an incredible weight shift. Nick was just one of 14,000 Xercise4Less gym members who transformed their bodies this year using the latest nutritional tools and fitness techniques. That translates into the loss of over 3,000 stone of unwanted weight.

Let’s have a closer look at how and why our weight loss boot camp had such a real effect on Nick.

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Why Nick Started a Weight Loss Camp

What motivated Nick to sign up to a Body Transformation Camp? As he says himself, he was “43 years old, out of shape, overweight with unhealthy eating habits, feeling low about myself and going nowhere fast”. He was working out at his local gym in Newcastle three times a week but was finding it difficult to really push himself to get into decent shape. An upcoming holiday finally gave him real motivation to try a new and transformative approach.

Nick discussed his fitness ambitions with Xercise4Less Personal Trainer Jane Hurley at the Newcastle gym and she provided the answer. Jane recommended the 8 week body transformation programme but warned him that “if I didn’t commit to it, I wouldn’t get to where I wanted to be”. Jane’s support was key in motivating Nick to make a positive change to his health. Encouraged, he signed up to the “great value for money” Body Transformation Camp.

A Two Stone Body Transformation

Nick found the new weight loss sessions totally changed his attitude to fitness. As part of the body transformation camp he worked out for one hour three times a week which suited his schedule perfectly. Supervised by expert personal trainers who were “encouraging, motivational, but firm if they felt you were slacking off”, he started shedding weight. Alongside the exercise sessions, Nick was provided with “sound consulting advice on nutrition” and used the Xercise4Less food app to “modify meals to ensure the right balance of carbs, fats and proteins”. It wasn’t always easy, but he stuck with the programme for the whole time and lost an impressive two stone.

By the end of his Body Transformation Camp, Nick realised he’d hadn’t felt as well in years. Just as importantly the eight weeks were a lot of fun and he made plenty of new friends. “Everyone was lovely. We all supported each other which made it a much better experience”. Since his Body Transformation Camp, Nick’s kept his weight loss programme simple, “train and eat well and you will lose weight”. And this lifestyle change is something that will continue into the future. “I will do another camp soon and would definitely recommend it to any member looking to lose weight”.

How Xercise4less Can Help You Transform

With such a recommendation from Nick, why not join a Body Transformation Camp yourself? Thanks to the eight weeks of our weight loss programme you’ll really understand how to eat more healthily and how to work out more effectively. You’ll say hello to new gym buddies and say goodbye to old negative habits. Our Body Transformation boot camps are only available to our members though so join us today if you’re not already a Xercise4Less Gym member.

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