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Top 6 reasons to get a personal trainer

& why it can change your life forever!

Before you ask why you need a personal trainer. Consider this; would you drive a car without taking lessons? Jump in to the sea without first learning how to swim? Or bake a cake without following a recipe?

Here goes… You join a gym, you aren't confident with the equipment, are unsure how to progress or alternatively, what you're doing is kinda right, but yet you continue, risking your safety, wasting precious time and making few observable gains whilst losing potential. This is your body, your health and happiness. You use experts for your hair, nails and skin, so why does your body not deserve an investment?

PTs are educators, coaches, role models and a source of motivation and encouragement. Still not convinced?


Accountability and Motivation

An effective PT will coach & help you to set goals, overcome obstacles & push yourself. An inspiring personal trainer will encourage you and help you unlock your potential. Personal trainers get excited when their clients reach both small and large goals, and experience personal triumphs. They will also explain where things can be improved.

Increase the pressure - PT's challenge you!

"If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you" people give up on their training as they get bored or stop making gains. PTs teach you something new every time you meet. They encourage you to push yourself, step outside of your comfort zone and face your fears. My clients are regularly amazed at what they CAN do with support and self-belief. 

Increase your confidence

Self esteem and confidence boosters are essential both in and outside of the gym. Often we can be our own worst enemy and facing change is not easy. A PT is someone to lean on who will provide support. Very often the confidence that you gain within a gym can filter in to other areas of your life. Feeling good about yourself can improve your relationship and help mange stress.

Tailor a personal plan!

A PT will look at what you're doing and identify what can be done to shake things up and get your progress on track. A PT will understand your personality, metabolism, preferences, genetics, and motivation and track your fitness capabilities. A home DVD or one size fits all internet plan can be great to get you started but is on a complete different level to what a good Personal Trainer offers.

Getting educated

Some people prefer to go it alone, however internet research can lead to trial and error, which can be frustrating and hinder success. A great PT will teach you how to become self-sufficient and independent.

Maximise your time for effective and efficient workouts!

There are few things more frustrating than spending hours in the gym without seeing the results you think you've earned. Often workout programmes don’t match your goals. I see many people in the gym who look the same that they did 12 months ago. If you're happy with that... Fine. If not, ask us for help. We don't bite... 


Positivity breeds success - Successful people hang around successful people.  If you surround yourself with people who are passionate about fitness, you will be motivated and passionate about it too.

Doing it right - A personal trainer will show you how to exercise with proper form and technique. This is important to help prevent injury, especially if you’re new to strength training or want to perform new exercises. I often see people in gyms flinging weights about or performing ineffective exercises unsafely. Don't take unnecessary risks with your body. You only get one!!

Ok, so you've decided you want a PT in your life, how'd you go about choosing the right one?

Check their Credentials – ALL personal trainers should hold a L3 qualification, have public liability insurance and many are registered with the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS) this provides you with the re assurance that the fitness professional you chose meets required standards.

Be picky – When you are looking for a trainer, you need to find someone that you feel comfortable with and who inspires you. Your personal trainer will become your role model.

Read more about what results and benefits that hiring a PT can bring you.


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