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Losing the mummy tummy

5 essential habits to adopt to tighten that post pregnancy waistline

New mummy’s biggest fear: Arghhh, I’m going to have a saggy tummy forever. Any firmness I had before is now gone and I’m going to have to throw out all my bikini’s. Not true!

Sure, it may take a while to pop back to your pre-baby sleek physique, however, all is not lost and you should definitely not give up hope! Persistence is key.

Although there are many clever ways of marketing out there: ‘Miracle cream, visible results in just 7 days…’, please remember this does not mean that after one week of applying this self-labelled dream cream at the end of your bath-time routine, you will miraculously smooth out the 9 months build-up of stretched skin and relaxed muscle tone! It is going to take time!

But alas, all is not lost, it’s nothing a little self-motivation, helpful tips & advice, and post-baby exercise programmes can’t help! Let me fill you in…

Starting with my favourite – the answer to all problems – exercise! Not only will having an effective exercise programme help to motivate and organise you, you will notice changes happening almost instantly in the way of your moods and emotions. When we work out, endorphins are released that give us that ‘feel-good’ feeling! When you feel good after a workout, you eat good too! Getting the right balance of a healthy diet and effective exercise programme could be just the answer you’re looking for! Team this will adequate hydration, body brushing and moisturising and you’ll be back to your pre-baby self in no time! Check it out…


  • Exercise – This is prime. If it’s initially fat you’re needing to burn, try mixing aerobic intervals and fartlek training with compound resistance exercises such as barbell squats, deadlifts, bench press and clean & press. These 3 movements will target your major muscle groups. Try lifting heavier weight for further muscle recruitment to build mass which will have you burning calories long after you’ve left the gym floor!


  • Correct nutrition – Staying within your recommended calorie count, deduct 500 cals per day if its fat you’re looking to lose. This should encourage a 1lb per week loss. Look to include lots of fresh organic vegetables full of nutrients teamed with the fermented kind to aid immune balance and digestion. Animal-based omega 3 fats are great for fat-loss and should be consumed in moderation. Look to include 2-3 portions per week.


  • Hydration – I recommend you glug down at least 2 litres of water per day! This can be spread out throughout the day. Water flushes out all toxins and waste products from your system which in time can build up and lead to blockage and inflammation. For every cup of caffeinated tea/coffee you drink, take in 2 cups of water to compensate. If in doubt, drink!


  • Body brushing – A wonder in the skin world! There are many benefits to brushing including detoxification, increased circulation, stress relief, improved digestion & kidney function as well as feeling god-damn fabulous! Brushing invigorates you internally and externally and will leave you with that healthy ‘glow’ we all crave!


  • Moisturise & Tone – Finally lock in all that freshness with a good dollop of butter or oil! Body butter I’m talking… only the natural kind! Coconut oil is a good choice and will leave you smelling great too. Champion!


So there you have it. A few handy hints & tips to get you going on your peril for the perfect tum!

Go easy on yourself and remember these methods will work differently for different bodies but don’t forget to keep going. You WILL get there!

As always, enjoy the ride! 


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