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9 Great exercises to tone up and lose weight!

Some of these exercises will have you shedding pounds in no time!

1.) Tabata squats

Are you looking for great fat burning results? Try Tabata Squats, these send the metabolism into overdrive and are a great fitness and strength workout.

2.) Giant sets

You should want to find out more about Giant Sets! These sets are great for boosting the metabolism and for increasing fat loss!

3.) Tabata Bike

You can achieve a very quick intense workout using Tabata bike training to torch calories.   Working out: After warming up and increasing the heart rate, try sprint pedalling for 20 secs of your maximum ability. Follow this with a 10 sec rest. Rinse, repeat and complete 8 whole sets in a row. Over time, be aware of signs that indicate your recovery rate is improving. You're getting fitter, improving the cardiovascular system and should sweat lots!  This is great for fat loss as it increases your metabolic rate.

4.) Pad work

Anyone shedding fat knows that the trick to slim down means high intensity training and it you want to blitz sweat from your pores but find most cardio routines monotonous or arduous then get your pits on for some pad work!

We have boxing stations in every gym, but if you want to duck and dive and get more vigorous then we suggest teaming up with a gym buddy or PT to take it to china town on the focus mitts.  If you're goal is to lose weight, this exercise is best done for a full 10 mins of non-stop high intensity after your usual workout. Top the day of with some real calorie burning exercise!

5.) Medicine ball twist

This exercise is good for narrowing the waist and toning those obliques.

 1.) Sit on a mat, bring your legs slightly off the floor.
 2.) Hold the medicine ball close to your chest as you rotate your torso left to right, touching the ball on the floor behind your back.

Tip: Always keep your head in line with your torso as you twist with the movement. Use a heavier medicine ball to increase the difficulty OR lean back further and lift your feet off the floor in a V shape to increase core stability. This'll help you really work the abdominals and tighten up that waistline!

6.) Skipping

Bored of the teadmill?
Bored of the cross trainer? Why not try something new?!
Skipping is so simple when you get the swing of it - but it's demanding! Good technique requires balance and the best thing about this weightloss exercise is that it makes you sweat buckets and keeps you on your toes! Skipping improves heart and lung fitness, flexibility and coordination. As a high impact exercise it builds bones, trims hips and thighs tightening up legs, bums, tums

7.) Using gravity in your cardio workout

Get the most of your cardio workout by increasing gravity, to build bone strength, improve the CV system and burn fat. Use our treadmills and raise the incline so that you're working up hill. It's a harder workout that makes you sweat more and develops more muscle! Begin with a brisk walk to warm up.

Tip: When you get more used to the machines -  Keep your hands behind your back to maintain a steady state! Holding on is cheating and cancels out the forces of gravity. Make sure you've had an induction on a treadmill before undertaking this exercise.


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