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Mum's think yourself fit

Make changes for a stable, improved lifestyle.

So the diets' are under way!

Not ‘diets’ sorry – who likes that word? It implies a period of eating a certain way for a short time and going back to old habits once this time has passed. Not for you though. Oh no! You are looking to change your ‘lifestyle’. 2016 is your year and we're going to help you get those results you are longing for!

Post easter is the time to embrace a fresh slate. The leftover choccies are now well and truly forgotten, the new healthy foods shop is complete and life has settled back down into your recognisable routine. Or as recognisable as it can be with a little one!

Having good intentions is the first step towards making the change. Our brain actually creates a process in which ~ a thought (that may not even have been in our head previously) is created from a stimulus. Our brain then decides whether to act on it to make a change, (be this positive or negative), or on the flip side relapses and forgets all about it.

This process is important in making changes for the better and being able to train ourselves to maintain these changes for a stable, improved lifestyle.

Here goes…

thinking yourself fit may require a degree of meditation

Sometimes people want to change but are afraid of the consequences or concerned about how they will cope. This can sometimes be helped by simply voicing the concerns to another listener.

With this ‘in mind’ (ha, see what I did there!), think about how much easier it could be to work with a friend to support you through the hard times and give you a kick in the right direction when you feel yourself swaying! Having a ‘fit’ buddy will help you share healthy recipes, reflect on personal training and eating habits, encourage each other through baby-fat-loss milestones, mean you don’t have to make excuses for not drinking or having dessert next time you’re lunching, give you that extra confidence when needed on the gym floor and be a much-needed ear to listen in to the ‘downer’ moments between progress.

Start by stating your goals!

Be sure to make these Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic & Timed.

This means knowing what you want! Choosing a goal that you can actually see yourself reaching, knowing when it is you need to reach this by, being able to measure the difference and not living in ‘DreamLand’ trying to compare yourself to ‘Victoria Secret’ models 2 months post-birth.

self-affirmationAffirm to achieve!

Tell yourself ‘you CAN do this’ and you WILL. Try to visualise yourself ‘crossing that finish line’ or ‘wearing those size 8 jeans’. Giving yourself a mental image will connect you greater to your goal. Once you can see yourself doing it, think how you will feel once you’ve done it / reached that milestone. Remind yourself of this feeling each time you feel yourself slipping or lacking motivation.

Choose your motivation

Whether it’s a pre-baby pic you’re wishing to look like again or you’re inspired by a certain celeb mummy, stick this image somewhere you will look at it every day! Be it on your fridge, on the bathroom mirror or inside your wardrobe.

These places will cause you to stop, think and take a look at yourself to remind you why it is you set your goals in the first place.

Exercise the mind

Anything that is good for the heart is also great for the brain. Just 30 minutes exercise per day will get your heart pumping, meaning more oxygen flowing to the brain, releasing ‘feel-good’ chemicals causing you to feel revived and your mind clear and focused ready to take on the rest of the day!

So go get ‘em Momma!

Look for 30 minute chances whenever baby/little one is sleeping and step to it! This could simply be a pram power-walk, a couple of relays up and down the stairs or a dance around the living room in the comfort of your own home.


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