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What else can we do to lose weight?

Why is recovery so important?

Further ways to increase weight loss

Want to know how you can help increase your weight loss, alongside your efforts at the gym? Here are a few key tips that list the benefits which can come from this.

Top tip: You will be slimmer if you snooze!
When carving a six pack, it is imperative that you time your sleeps.

A study conducted in the US found that six-and-a-half hours of sleep is the optimal quantity per night, to reduce abdominal fat gains. Any fewer hours asleep will result in a reduction into the ability to burn carbohydrates. An English Professor also recommended that a three hour gap between a workout, and going to sleep is ideal, as training will stimulate a rush in adrenaline which can obstruct your sleep.
It all comes down to timing!

Explosive lifts will light your fat furnace.

When you are a trying to lose that unwanted fat, it is essential that you have a routine. It is proven that when you’re lifting weights, the most productive way of burning fat is to speed through the lifting phase in a 'one second burst' and then return to the start position to the 'count of three'. Up for 1, down for 3. Calibrate your breathing to sync naturally with this timing. The findings mentioned above show that lower body exercises such as calf raises and squats were most effective with this rapid-fire training.

It is important though, once you have completed your last rep, that you replenish the fluids that your body has lost, however it is best to drink a glass of milk. Researchers in Canada found that people who drank a glass of skimmed milk after a weights session lost up to twice as much fat, as those replenishing with a sports drink.

The Big Chill

Did you know? Cold weather can still burn more calories!

Scientists in Sweden proved that when you’re cold, the ‘brown’ fat takes calories from regular fat and burns it. If you are in a temperature of 4°C for a minute the process will start. Not many people know this - so we thought we'd wrap this up with a random fact! If you want to discuss anything in this article further, why not tweet us @XERCISE4LESS or get in touch via facebook?


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