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National 4FiiTness Day

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In support of National Fitness day on Wednesday 25th September, Xercise4Less will be relaunching our 4FiiT xercise classes and holding national 4FiiT classes in each of our gyms across the nation.

Members and non members are welcome, so come along, or recommend us to your friends and family for a day of fun, new classes. All you need to do is claim your free pass here.

Join us for a day of new HiiT classes including HiiT4Fiit, Core4FiiT, Pump4FiiT and LiiT4FiiT.

Ever thought about Group Training but think it's not for you? Looking for something low intensity to help ease you into the world of exercise? Why not come and try our BRAND NEW LiiT4Fiit class! LiiT stands for Low Intensity Interval Training. Our team will take you through a series of exercises to help you build confidence, strength and prepare you for the other fantastic classes we offer! This class will leave you feeling fit, strong and motivated!

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Love intervals? Love lifting weights? Come and try our BRAND NEW Pump4Fiit class! Using weights as the tool, our team will take you through some intense intervals to help you build strength, burn calories and improve technique! This class is a must for anyone who loves to use weights! We can promise you will leave feeling challenged and strong! This class will help you to increase your metabolism. These classes can help you to build strength, increase flexibility and even reduce injury!

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Are you ready to feel the burn? Our BRAND NEW Core4Fiit class is here! Using a range of functional movements, we will train your entire body to be strong, centered and efficient! The core is our foundation and is a key component in any exercise we do, so why not get it ready! Who says a core class is just crunches and a plank? In Core4Fiit you'll be using all different muscle groups to help train for strength and stability! Are you ready for a new challenge that will help to build your base? See you in the studio soon!

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You've heard about HIIT training, are you ready to experience it? High Intensity Interval Training is all about burning calories and training your body hard in a short period of time! Hiit4Fiit is here, a BRAND NEW class to change your fitness! The best part about HIIT training is that you body becomes a calorie burning machine for up to 24 hours, doesn't that sound fantastic! If you are ready to train hard and see results come and join us for a Hiit4Fiit class soon!

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Check out our Barbell guide if you're looking to build strength in a healthy and balanced way. This guide covers the essential compound exercises you'll need if you want to take your fitness to the next level. Mastering these techniques and adding them to your portfolio will break up the monotony in your gym routine; helping you achieve definition.

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