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A helping hand

Great. Well done. You've joined. Now What?

How to activate your online account at Xercise4Less



You can always watch the video demo instead of reading all of this


Ok, You've joined.

Congratulations! You've taken your first step to being physically and mentally healthier. We expect you to have a better gym experience now.

So let's help you with that.


Before you can enter the gym you need to setup your gym profile and fill out a Health Questionnaire

Here's how to do that....




1.) You will be sent an email inviting you to register for an Xercise4Less account.

It looks like this:

Xercise4Less account email notification




2.) Click the link in the email




3.) Enter your registration details (use the same one's you joined us with)

activate and access the Xercise4Less gym app




4.) Continue to fill out your FitProfile

Your FitProfile

 As soon as this is completed, another email will be sent out to you.



5.) Locate and find this next email & click the link inside

2nd email example




6.) Follow the prompt on the next screen to fill out your PARQ Health Questionnaire.


 Fill out PARQ




7.) NB. If you don't fill this out you won't get access through the turnstiles, so please ensure this stage is done!





 How do I reset my Xercise4Less app password?

Simply follow the instructions on this link to reset your app password



Next...How to book classes in the scheduler

After you've filled out the health questionnaire in full you will be prompted with instructions on how to use the app.

A bit like this:


personal profile screen

app screen

To book into a a class, all you have to do is click on the 9 dotted tile (to right of screen):

9 dotted tile

 and then click on the schedule

schedule button


The class timetable will pop up. Simply click in a class 

class timetable double click

and find out the space availability. Free slot? Just book on!

class booking system availability


Ta da! Well done - don't worry if you forget - you will also get an email reminder about this!

class timetable example



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