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Gender Pay Gap

Gender Pay Gap Report

This report sets out our gender pay results for taken as at 5th April 2018.

At Xercise4Less, we provide easy and low-cost access to sector-leading exercise facilities across the UK.  Our gyms offer members of all ages the opportunity to improve their fitness including group exercise and personal training, to support a healthy lifestyle in a female-friendly, non-intimidating and judgement-free gym environment.

We recognise our workforce needs to reflect our diverse and inclusive member base, so that we can better serve our members. 

We believe all our colleagues deserve an inclusive work environment regardless of their background, age, ethnicity, or gender. 


Our Results

Gender Pay Gap and Bonus Gender Pay Gap


Mean Average

Median Average

Gender Pay Gap



Bonus Gender Pay Gap



Colleagues Receiving Bonus




% Receiving a bonus



During 2018 we are pleased that more of our colleagues received a bonus for their hard work and contribution. The female percentage increased from 55.2% to 67.3% and the male percentage increased from 61.5% to 70.7%. For everyone paid a bonus, the mean average was £736.27 per annum.

Pay Quartiles

These graphs show the number of male and female colleagues across four equal-sized quartiles.



What does our Gender Pay Gap data mean for Xercise4Less colleagues?


Three quarters of our workforce are employed in front-line roles.

Our front-line pay policy is simple - equal pay for male and female colleagues.  We pay our front-line colleagues a base salary above the living wage, coupled with incremental pay increases.  We will continue to review our pay policies during in 2019 to ensure that our salary offering is fair and competitive with the market.

In 2017, there was a small gender pay gap in our front desk roles, however in 2018 we are pleased to report no gender pay gap.

Since the 2017 snapshot date, Xercise4Less changed its personal training model, with a shift from self-employed to an employed model across all our 51 gyms.  The increase in our median bonus pay gap in 2018 is due to the personal training population being more weighted to males.

We have pay banding for our General Manager and Sales Manager colleagues, with pay offering based on experience.  Pay increases are performance based.  In line with our results in 2017, female General Managers earn more, on average, than male General Managers.

In 2018, a third of our General Managers were female.  We recognise the need to develop front-line talent in order to increase female representation in General Manager roles leading to an increase in females within the senior management of the business.  

Central Support

A higher proportion of our central support colleagues are male, reflecting a higher male to female applicant ratio for our industry specific vacancies.  We operate a fair and robust competency-based approach in our hiring process, leading to hiring the most experienced candidate regardless of gender.

X4L recognises the importance of diversity and inclusion and ensuring our workforce is representative of our members. In 2018, we appointed our first female Board member, Chief Financial Officer, Helen Gauden. The Board has seen a number of changes during 2018 as we look to continue to grow X4L. Part of the ambition will be to improve the gender pay gap as we look to increase inclusion and develop all our team members.

We expect to decrease our gender pay gap in the coming years as we deliver on our strategic objectives.



Helen Gauden
Chief Financial Officer


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