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Frequently asked questions

See below. Let's help you find the answers

I want to join one of your gyms on the pre-opening offer, how does this work and why do I have to pay before it opens?

Xercise4Less offers special pre-opening membership options, but these have limited availability. These memberships offer reduced monthly amounts, and flexible contract options. In both cases giving you the opportunity to make great savings. By joining now and paying our small administration fee this guarantees your membership at the promotional rate for the life of your membership with us.


What gym equipment do you have?

At Xercise4Less we don’t do queuing, so you will see each of our clubs has up to and over 400 pieces of equipment, to ensure you can get on and achieve your goals rather than waiting around.

From treadmills, steppers and cross-trainers, to free weights, Kettlebells and TRX machines. We offer training equipment for everyone.


Do you have classes?

Yes we do! We are committed to bringing you the most up to date timetables, with up to 40+ classes running every week for our members in some of the largest studios in the country (check out our Leeds clubs for our studio that can take over 300 in a class!)

Our classes range from Bokwa, Zumba and Boxercise to BODYPUMP, Cardio conditioning and combat classes. Check out our club timetables and get involved!


Do you have free weights?

Yes. All of our clubs have a good range of free weights, with the majority of clubs stocking weights up to 75kg.

We have gone all out and even put full boxing rings in the majority of our clubs.


You are half the price of the other gyms in the area and twice the size - what’s the catch?

There really is no catch, we give you the biggest and best facilities in the area at the lowest prices by removing the things you don’t use and giving you more of the things you actually want.


Will your gym be staffed? Lots of low cost clubs now have no or very little staff to help you?

Yes. We pride ourselves in our staff and customer service. There will always be staff on hand whenever we are open, from reception to membership teams, through to full personal training teams. We even have our own house cleaning teams to make sure the place is spotless on every visit.


Can I try the gym out before joining it?

Yes. Give one of our membership team a call to book in for a free no obligation day pass, please "Find your local gym" for the relevant clubs contact details. Or alternatively fill out a request form online here and get a FREE GYM PASS

For those that have already trialled our facilities before - day passes are available (in club only) and can be purchased for £6.

Do you supply paper towel dispensers to wipe down equipment?

No. Moving forward in our efforts to become a greener company, we have removed paper towel dispensers from our clubs and as an alternative you can purchase a Xercise4Less sweat towel from reception for just £3!


Do you offer student discount?

Yes, we do.This discount can be obtained in club, on production of a valid NUS Extra card.

You can also do this via UniDays using the link displayed later in this answer.

Excluding any promotional offers, student discount means you get to use all our facilities from only £12.99 per month on a full peak 12 month contract (plus a £15 admin fee) 

Please contact your local club and speak to one of the membership team for further details, learn more or sign up here: https://www.xercise4less.co.uk/student-gym-membership/


Will I be shown how to use the gym equipment?

Yes, we provide a free half hour group induction, given by a qualified personal trainer in which we will show you how to operate the equipment, should you require this. You can book this induction session online through the members log in at the top the page.

If you are below the age of 18 we require you to book in for an induction to make sure you train safely while using the facilities. Any one aged 18 and over will not have to attend an induction but we do recommend that you arrange one if you are not a seasoned gym goer or haven't been for some time.


Are there changing facilities in each Xercise4Less?

Yes we provide comfortable changing facilities which include showers, toilets, hair dryers , weighing machines and plug sockets.


Are there lockers?

Yes, you can purchase a padlock from each of our Xercise4Less clubs front desk reception team for £5.00. Lockers are located in the changing rooms and are only to be used for the duration of your training session.


Does the facility include sauna, steam, spa and pool?

No. We are offering a high quality exercise and gym facility only, with a no 'frills and fuss' approach. This allows us to give you the highest value membership in the area at the lowest cost. 


Will Personal Training be available?

Yes, we do provide Personal Training at an additional cost and the prices vary depending if it is part of a group booking, a series, couples training or on a one-to-one basis. Personal Training is available to buy online for members only.  To find out what Personal Trainer programmes are available in your club please visit 4fiit.xercise4less.co.ukYou must be a member to use this service. You can contact the Personal Trainer directly at each Xercise4Less. Please see your local club for details or alternatively read the 4FiiT Personal Training FAQ's to learn more.


Do Xercise4Less offer classes?

Yes we do! We offer a wide variety of classes at each of our sites, please consult your local club for details. We always guarantee a minimum of 30 of the most up to date classes per week at all of our clubs.


I have joined, how do I activate my online account and begin booking classes?

This can be all done online with a click of a few buttons. The process is straight forward, however if you're having issues please follow these guidelines to activate your Xercise4Less account and begin booking into the class schedule system right away.


Can my children join Xercise4Less?

Yes, children aged 13 and over can join Xercise4Less, we do however have strict health and safety requirements for anyone under the age of 18.

Please see below.

Members aged between 13 and 15:

Must be accompanied by an adult at all times

Can use the Cardio machines and the resistance machine.

Can not use the free weights.

Members aged between 16 and 18:

There are no restrictions for anyone aged 16 and over, however all members aged 18 and under must have an induction with one of our Personal trainers before they take part in any activity at the gym.

From the age of 16 children are classed as full members and have the same privileges as all our other members.

Please be aware that in order to enter into a contractual membership with us, you need to be over the age of 18.


I have now joined on one of your pre-opening offers…the club is not open yet, when will my first direct debit be taken?

Xercise4Less will process your first direct debit 30 days after joining the club. We understand in pre-opening cases that you have made a payment for a club that hasn’t opened yet therefore your next payment will be 30 days after the opening date. This ensures that you don’t lose out on anything financially and if you’re not happy with the facilities/service you can always cancel within your 14 day cooling off period (this will start on the day the club opens). If you have deferred your start date the cooling off period will start from the date you start.


Can I change the date of my direct debit?

Please note that once you have joined Xercise4Less your Direct Debit is set as stipulated in the terms and conditions of your contract. Please take this into consideration when joining. Any further details can be discussed with your membership consultant.


Can I freeze my membership?

Yes you can - to freeze your membership simply give us 14 days notice and on your next Direct Debit date your membership can be frozen.. To do this, please follow this link.

 As a valued member of Xercise4Less you are able to freeze your membership for up to 3 months completely free of charge.

In the event that you are unable to train due to an injury or medical reason* your freeze can be extended for a further 3 months (6 months maximum). Please note that medical evidence must be uploaded with your freeze form to enable the extended freeze to be actioned.

Your membership will then continue as normal at the end of the ‘freeze period’. 

Please see the staff in your local club for more details. Please provide any supporting evidence to freeze your membership to the member of staff on the front desk.


If I no longer want to be a member of Xercise4Less how do I cancel my membership?

It's very simple. Click here.


I am still within my 12 month contract – how can I cancel my membership?

The only circumstances that make you eligible to cancel during your contract period are if:

  • You have moved house over 15 miles away from any Xercise4Less gym.
  • Long term medical illness or injury.
  • Redundancy loss of income & livelihood.

Please note – ANY Cancellation for the above reasons will not be effected until the appropriate proof is provided.  Read your terms and conditions for more detailed information.

If you wish to raise a complaint, please contact the general manager at your local gym.

You can request an early cancellation via the website here.


How often do we update class timetables?

We like to keep fitness fresh and aspire to meet the ever growing needs of our members. It is our company policy to review and renew our class schedules every 3 months. 

Please note, whilst we endeavour to keep all group exercise classes consistent across the board, invariably classes can be subject to change outside of these planned times due to circumstances out of our control. Rest assured, we run plenty of classes in every Xercise4Less so members can always enjoy fun alternative varieties of group exercise. We do not consider any class schedule changes to be a valid reason for a formal complaint however we do welcome feedback so that we can continue to improve our services.


I wish to raise a complaint - what do I need to do?

We are committed to providing a high-quality service to all of our members. When something goes wrong, we need you to tell us about it. This will help us to improve our service to you.
If you have a complaint, please email your local Xercise4less General Manager with the details.

You can find these contact details by going to Find a Gym and choosing the location option for your home club (where you first signed up).

We require all complaints to be in email form so that there is a record of correspondence.

Your general manager will respond to you within 5 working days with their findings and to arrange any further discussions. If you are unhappy with the resolution that has been offered by your General Manager you can follow our appeals process as follows.

Our appeals policy

In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the response to your complaint by the General Manager of your club, you have the right to appeal their decision.

Please email member.enquiries@xercise4less.co.uk or put your appeal in writing via recorded delivery to:

Complaints Department
1 Kirkstall Industrial Estate
Kirkstall Road

Please include any supporting evidence to ensure we can look into your complaint in as much details as possible.

We then have eight weeks to consider your complaint. If we have not resolved it within this time you may complain to the Ombudsman.

What will happen next?

1. We will send you an email (letter if specifically requested) acknowledging receipt of your complaint within three days of receiving it asking for further information if we require it & enclose a copy of this procedure.

2. We will then investigate your complaint. This will involve passing your complaint to one of our committed customer support agents who will review your matter file and speak to the member of staff who acted for you.

3. We will contact you and explain the outcome of your appeal and the resolution we have reached.


4. If you are still not satisfied, you can contact the Citizens Advice Bureau (https://www.citizensadvice.org.ukor most relevant Ombudsman to get further help and advice about your situation.


If I don’t want to stay a member of Xercise4Less once I have joined on a pre-opening offer what should I do?

All our on-line monthly gym memberships have a 14 day ‘cooling off’ period, to give you the peace of mind that if it’s not right for you, then you are not tied into a lengthy membership that you do not want or won’t use. In cases of the pre-opening memberships (new club openings), the 14 day period runs from the date of opening. Please note: if you do cancel in your cooling off period any fees paid are entirely refundable but you won’t be entitled to use the facility any longer.


Is the Xercise4Less website secure?

Yes, the membership application form on the website is secure. Any details will be fully encrypted and your Personal and Banking details will be kept private. 


Do you have Corporate or Team Membership Schemes?

Yes we do, even though our membership fees are so low we can always do something to make your workforce/team a healthier one. We require a minimum of 10 people from any association to enter into the scheme, get 100+ on board and we can do an even better rate! Please see your local clubs sales manager to discuss this option further.


When I join will I be issued with a Xercise4Less membership card?

No. We operate the highest standard of security at all our sites, this involves biometrics and a photo that links to the member app. Without both of these members cannot gain access to our clubs making us one of the safest health club operators in the market. 


Can I share my access details with someone else?

No. Your biometric reading is linked to your photo on the system. Our entry system allows access only to those who have registered their biometric signatures. Our reception teams are on hand to help with any problems when accessing our facilities. 

What is the member app?

This is your fully fledged fitness partner and it's available for all members of Xercise4Less.

Here you can: Book classes, Order PT Consultations, ask questions, become a member of the local online gym community, set challenges, learn correct posture techniques from 'best exercise practise' videos and log your workouts.

I forgot my app password. What do I do? 

Simply, reset your password here :)

When I go to book a class, it sometimes says that a class is unable to be booked into, why is this?

Upon joining it may seem that beyond the first week there are no classes available to book into.
Please bear in mind we do have a system where bookings can only be made 7 days before the lesson runs. (We originally had some issues with people trying to book weeks in advance which limited spaces created attendance issues.) We do this to make it fair to all members who may be unsure when booking classes.


Can I bolt all the other clubs onto my membership or can I just use my home club?

We are pleased announce that members can access all Xercise4Less clubs throughout the UK with just their one standard membership!*
*T&C's apply, not available for members who signed up using single site access special offer promotions.


Do Xercise4Less offer Car Parking?

Yes, at the majority of our sites we offer extensive parking for those wanting to come by car. Why not leave the car at home though and use your journey to the gym as your warm up?


CCTV Policy

Please note that all of our gyms are monitored by CCTV 24 hours a day for the purposes of crime detection. 
XERCISE4LESS reserves the right for its employees and contractors to review footage as required and by entering onto our sites you consent to your image being recorded and reviewed and waive any and all claims in relation to same. 
Recorded CCTV footage will be stored securely and retained in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998. X4L is registered as a Data Controller with the ICO.
Registration reference: ZA031236
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