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4 stone lighter and much more confident

Pauline is a recent University graduate who trains at Xercise4Less Burnley

"I decided to just go for it instead. I'm glad I did. My Personal Trainer is very friendly and easy to talk to. I'm now down to 10st 5lbs"

Pauline, Xercise4Less Burnley

My personal trainer is awesome

I'm 4 stone down already (shhh...in just 4 months!)

Pauline joined Xercise4Less when she began University. She's been with us a few years


it's only since June that Pauline has been training at our Burnley gym regularly.

Why the sudden change?

Pauline discovered earlier this year that she topped the scales for her weight.

She weighed 14st 1lbs.

Pauline's situation may show how easy it for weight to creep up on you. The good news is, what goes up must come down!

Lost 4 stone in 4 months

Progressing knowledge with PT

Attends classes regularly

Runs 3 x 5-8km / week

Got savvy with nutrition

Pauline's fitness journey

Pauline had been out of action for quite some time after continuously pulling her lower back muscles throughout her University career. Being a comfort eater at the time, she had nothing to counteract what she was eating.

"After I finished university in June 2016 I decided to change that and get more active and eat healthy. At first I found it hard but learnt more about different foods and cooking and how to control my comfort eating...I then decided to try out the classes at Xercise4Less which I had found daunting at first due to low confidence and my weight."

"I was going to try shift a few lbs then try the classes but decided to just go for it instead which I'm glad I did. Class trainers and fellow class goers were very friendly and helpful and I began to learn new exercises."

"I eventually decided to have PT sessions with Lisa Lecheminant at Xercise4Less Burnley. I have a session with her once a fortnight and I enjoy that immensely, I find it motivates me to keep going as well as learning new exercises, correcting postures and it offers me a chance to find out how to challenge myself safely.

My Personal Trainer is very friendly and easy to talk to. I took up running to which I also enjoy regularly...

...I'm now down to 10st 5lbs, I still have a bit to go before reaching my final goal but I'm closer to those goals than back in June. I feel confident that I can achieve them. I also feel more confident with my body and can feel areas starting to toughen...

I'm looking forward to seeing future results and what 2017 brings."


How working with a Personal Trainer is helping me

"My PT (Lisa) introduced me to different exercises with the hand weights at first. She showed me how to workout different parts of my body using them and how to alternate them to improve the effectiveness. She also introduced me to HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) for the fat loss. (HIIT Classes here).

We don't do cardio now in our sessions as she knows I'll do some running at least 3x a week between 5-8k, so now we focus on tone with the weights. She's shown me how to increase them and I know I'm doing it right if I'm feeling it in the muscles I want to work.

She's also shown me to increase the reps with the weights I have available if I have to reduce the amounts of weights I use.

In the early days, Lisa and I would probably do 10 mins on the cross trainer, rowing machine, bicycle with a bit of bicep work. Now I feel like I know how to use other equipment better as well as a whole range of exercises to help target different muscle areas.

I also learned a range of exercises for the glutes so I'm pleased with that. Lisa shared easy to follow recipes that taste good. That definitely made the dieting easier, I also learned to enjoy the odd treat without feeling guilty which also made the dieting easier and more sustainable for myself.

My initial goals were to lose weight and tone up. To be fair, it kind of feels like we've rolled with it and here I am, the weight coming off every day with firmer feeling areas starting to develop.

It's always a pleasure to have a personal training session with Lisa and I feel much more motivated after it to continue with the regime I have now."

Classes I enjoy

I first started sampling all the classes but now I use the ab blast class on a Thursday and the Legs, Bums and Tums class on a Friday. They are my favourite because I feel like I've had an extra workout in the places where I think I need them that and I really enjoy them. I've learned more about working the abs and obliques as well as how to reduce or increase intensity to suit my level. Before I learned all this if someone asked 'How do I work my abs?' I would have only known sit ups as a suitable exercise. I now know so many more thanks to Lisa! Exercises like the leg lift, Russian twist with weights, heel touches and tricycles etc really help me work that area.

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