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To Me. Today. From 2014.

How Emily lost 20kg during her Uni days training at Xercise4Less

"Progress takes time. Do what makes you happy 🌟 If you're disheartened because you aren't seeing any progress - keep calm, the best is yet to come! Be in this for the long run... 😌"

Emily, Leeds

Transforming your life isn't a quick fix

I realised I was never going to get results overnight. If you want something it takes time to work for it - and effort must be put in 💪. Over the last 2 years (when I started my fitness journey) I've lost a total of over 20kg. My journey hasn't always been the same, it's improved as I've become more educated around health and fitness. I'm still learning everyday. There has been good times and bad times. Times where I've thought I'm barely progressing - but all you need to do is look back to where you started ✨ If you want something you've got to work for it, and progress takes time 🌟

Working out at Xercise4Less for this last year has been great and a real learning curve. I've learned so much about myself and what I can achieve if I really put my mind to it, but also learned how friendly and motivating the fitness community really is. I've met so many like-minded great people at this gym and built fabulous friendships that I'll never forget - I've a lot of memories at this gym that I'll cherish. This gym has been somewhere I've gone almost everyday and I'm never not excited to go. Going to the Leeds Xercise4Less gym has become a huge part of my lifestyle and I love being able to switch off from other aspects of life to just work on myself 💪

To some who may not gym this post probably sounds completely ridiculous - but I owe a lot to Xercise4Less. If it wasn't for the friendly people and staff at this gym, I probably wouldn't have felt so motivated to be where I am now.

Lost 20kg

A 100kg hip thrust for 3 sets of 6!

New PB 30kg bench press for 2x8

Learned weights by attending classes

Made a lot of friends


How I began

When I saw Xercise4Less posting inspirational photos on their instagram of girls lifting, and following some instagram fitness stars doing the same things - I wanted to give it a go myself. If they can do it, why can't I?

I started off with cardio and basic resistance machines. Then late last year I dived into weights and HEAVY LIFTING when I was at my fav gym @Xercise4Less (a place that made me feel comfortable about going into the weights section (Not scared!!) Everyone there was so friendly. Busting some myths it turns out lifting heavy D O E S N O T make you bulky, manly, unfeminine - whatever people say 🙅
The amount of people that have said to me "I don't want to be bulky" I literally have to face palm. Lifting weights has given me curves that I didn't know I had and has made me feel more feminine than ever 💁 Because when you lift weights you sculpt your body!

Word of advice: Don't be down if you don't see progress. Progress isn't going to show instantly! As they say, it's a journey and not a race. Progress takes time and if you're willing to put in the time and effort - it'll all work out. 

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Fave exercises

I love hip thrusts as they really target the glutes area well. I also love the leg press as you can target a range of your leg muscles on one machine!

Fave classes

My fave class? Definitely indoor cycling! I love the high energy, and how intense it is! When I first started weight lifting I did Les Mills Body Pump class, which really opened my eye to weight lifting. If you're looking to get into weight lifting. Les Mills is definitely a good place to begin!


I follow a lot of fitness accounts, Whitney Simmons being one of my favourites. She is a real down to earth girl who just wants to spread the fitness love. However, a bit closer to home I love Beth Trueman's social accounts and Youtube. I had the pleasure of training with Beth a few times at Xercise4Less Leeds. She is lovely, and just wants the best for her clients. She really helps you to work hard but enjoy your training at the same time, and I always worked so hard with her albeit on some occassions I was almost unable to drive home!


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