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My weight loss story.

Ahmed Alnamer

"I joined Xercise4Less Rotherham and started to change my life"

Ahmed Alnamer, Rotherham Xercise4less Gym

I'm on the road to a better life.

I joined Xercise4less Rotherham with a target get fit and build muscle. I wanted to get to a weight of 80KG. I got such a buzz from training that I've applied to be a Personal Trainer by the end of 2016.  

Lost 30kg

Leg Press 400kg

Eat Healthy

My best tips and advice.

My personal bests

I've Lost 30kg and now I'm working on another 30kg. I eat much healthier, I've learnt what my body needs. My advice is eat healthy and train right. 30% workout and 70% diet is my top tip for a healthier body!

Best exercise

I love doing 30-40 min cardio after a weights workout to burn the fats!

Best training session

I start with warm up, then stretches, weights and finish it with a blast of cardio. Then REST!!

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