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Fit for a wedding

Read Lucie's story

"It wasn't always the easiest journey for Lucie, we had some bumps in the road & even had tears, but her dedication was unquestionable."

Sacha Hayes, Personal Trainer, Xercise4Less Milton Keynes

A fitness journey down the aisle

Lucie dreamt of looking her best and more importantly of feeling her best, for a very special day, her Wedding Day.

Her weight was never a real issue but she just wasn't comfortable with the shape of her body and yearned for that extra push and motivation that would see her elegantly swishing down the aisle in the most beautiful dress on the most beautiful day.

Sacha Hayes, Personal Trainer at our Milton Keynes club was just what she needed.....

Dropped 4 Dress Sizes

Lost 7 inches from her waistline

Body fat down by 8%

Shed 1 stone 8 lbs

3.5 inches lost from her hips

Lucie's Story

In December 2015 Lucie's actual weight was never a huge problem weighing a modest 11 stone 11lbs and size 14. It was feeling confident in that beautiful wedding dress that was a whole different challenge.

With her Wedding Day getting closer and closer Lucie's desire to drop a dress size or two changed from looking for a quick 8 week plan to a long term commitment. Lucie wanted to include health and fitness into her lifestyle for long term results. It was then that she met Sacha, a Personal Trainer at Xercise4Less and a renowned fat loss trainer / coach. 

Sacha is so proud of every change Lucie has made and every bump in the road she has overcome. 

"It wasn't always the easiest journey for Lucie but her dedication was unquestionable, even travelling 18 miles to arrive for a 6am session before starting her day as a Teacher! The most rewarding thing about training Lucie was seeing her confidence rocket throughout achieving her fitness goal"

"Lucie, you have been an absolute pleasure to train & am glad to say the journey is going to continue, bring
on the strength & conditioning work now! Congratulations to you Lucie, so proud of you. Such a stunning Bride!" 


A change in diet

"Lucie grasped her nutrition early on & started to track her calories, sticking to the foods I'd recommended.  
She started making high protein, no sugar alternative snacks, so as not to feel deprived & even started food prepping
on a Sunday night...she's truly joined the world of the Tupperware warriors now!"

Before | After

11 stone 11lbs | 10st 3lbs
Dress size 14 | Dress size 10
Body fat 35% | Body fat 27%
Waist 39in | Waist 32in 
Hips 42.5in | Hips 39in


Set the challenge, be the change. 

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Sacha Hayes, Personal Trainer Xercise4Less Milton Keynes

Qualifications: Active IQ Level 3 Personal Training, Active IQ Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instruction, Active IQ Level 2 Certificate in Circuit Training, Active IQ Certificate Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor, First Aid Award Level 2, Qualified Nutritional Advice.

Thank you Sacha

"It's moments like this that makes everything worthwhile, when you know you've made a difference to someone's life" ~ Sacha Hayes

The perfect day

Photo credit: Possum Creek Studios. Feel like looking your best?

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