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My toning & conditioning story.

Jade Couch

"The Doncaster gym team have all made me feel welcome and are very supportive. My Personal Trainer Paul, has pushed me past my limits, helped me overcome my fears and inspired me to become a better person every single day."

Jade Couch, Doncaster Xercise4less Gym

Teenage girl overcomes gym fears!

I've been going to Xercise4less in Doncaster for around 6 months now and when I first started I had no idea what I was doing!

I would just walk on the treadmill every night for an hour and all I knew was that I was uncomfortable in my own shoes and really wanted to start shedding some pounds. 2 months ago, Paul Huby, the Senior Personal Trainer came over "Are you going to just walk up hills for the rest of your life?" I knew he was right and since that day I've had PT sessions with Paul every week!

He has pushed me past my limits, helped me overcome my fears and inspired me to become a better person every day. Over the past 2 months I have joined various different classes such as Spinning, Upper Body Blast and Kettlecise.  

I have gone a size 16 to a size 10-12, lost over 10 inches on my body and nearly a stone and half in weight!! I hit the gym every single day and I LOVE it!

Dropped 3 Dress Sizes

Train at the gym every day

Overcome my fear of weights

My best tips and advice.

Best advice

All I can say is to anyone struggling with shifting their weight is believe in yourself .. you are in control. Don't surrender!

Best Tips

Face your fears head on. Get some Personal Training sessions in and do lots of classes!

Best exercise

I love a spin class to blast the cardio, but I try and mix up my workouts. Kettlebells is my thing right now!

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