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I found my way to cope

The answer was in my gym

Is yours?

"After joining up at the gym in Cass, I started going to Clubbercise every Wednesday evening with my friends. From there we then went on to weight training. I soon came off of my antidepressants and started to focus much more on weights to lose the weight I'd put on. Clubbercise at Xercise4Less Castleford is amazing, I try go to most of Laura's classes."

Hannah, Xercise4Less Castleford Gym

How I got out of my rut

I lost 2 stone doing gym classes at Xercise4Less Castleford

"Last year I was diagnosed with depression and started up on antidepressants. Because of this I had very little motivation to do anything!"

"My weight went up from 9st 3lb to 11st 4lb. It took me a year to realise I'd gained this much weight and guess what? Surprise! Surprise! I still wasn't happy. I know now part of how I felt stemmed from a mix of the antidepressants I was on, an unhealthy diet and no exercise."

"It got to the point where I wouldn't change in front of a mirror because 'it wasn't me'. I've always fluctuated between 9 stone and 9 stone 3lb and I went up to 11 stone 4 at my heaviest."


The turning point

"It was when I went out for a family meal that my mum took a photo and my brother told me I looked like the girl from shallow Hal, when she's fat, that I realised I needed to do something. Even after that it took 2 more months until I really started to try."

"My goal was to fit back in to a pair of shorts I wore on my last girls holiday because we were all going away again in the summer. I wore those sexy shorts to death this last holiday! :)" 

Trimmed 5 inches from her hips

Lost 2 stone & 1lb

Feels happier & more motivated

Joins classes 4 x times a week

Is now UTTERLY CLEAR on her goals

How Xercise4Less classes got me out of a rut and got me fit


"I started off training in February going to Clubbercise every Wednesday and that was all I did. After a while (when my fitness started improving again) I  began going to the gym at 6:00am every work day, 4 days a week."

"I found inspiration in Kayla Itsine and was following her bikini body guide. I'd had her Instagram for years and finally decided to get hold of one of her guides. I started following other Instagram accounts. I connected with other like-minded women who lift weights and so I decided to really start pushing myself. Doing this I soon discovered that I had lost a noticeable amount of weight (maybe too much) so I changed my aim to get strong."

"I now go to the gym 2 evenings every week with my friends. We do a mix of weights, HIIT and Clubbercise every Wednesday evening and every Saturday we go to Les Mills Body Pump (followed by Pilates back to back)."

"When I started in February I couldn't do one 'lady' push up, as little it may be I can now do 10 'proper' push ups which is how I'm measuring myself! "

"Altogether I have lost 3.5 inches from my waist, and 5 inches from my hips. I managed to get back down to 9st 4lb in quite a short time, Happy days!!!"


"It's handy to find people that can inspire you to work hard and for me Laura who runs Les Mills Body Pump, Pilates & Clubbercise at the Castleford club is amazing! I try go to most of her classes. She gets to know the regular people in her class and pushes them when she knows their slacking! "

It's no secret that Hannah is a big fan of our classes here at Xercise4Less. Our people take a lot of pride in choosing the right instructors, those who are personable, motivate and can create change. 

My fave workouts

"Leg day is my favourite!!! In particular I love squats and lunges :) I think most girls enjoy a good squat nowadays to get the perfect peach! For me, there is no better feeling that walking after 'leg day' brings...when every muscle hurts...it's a sign you've worked hard! Clubbercise is great because it's on in the dark so it doesn't matter if you make a mistake. Classes are fun & no-one takes things too seriously" There's so much more here for what you pay, You just HAVE to get involved!

My advice

"For anyone in the same boat as myself... I'd just encourage them to find something fun at first. Classes are a personal favourite of mine. I know I can't slack off in classes. There's always someone to make friends with so there's no need to be afraid to go alone. I usually go at 6:00 am because I know the gym is quieter and I tend to feel less self conscious. It's also great to feel fit, fresh,and focused after a workout before work. I'm a trainee teacher so can't afford a PT, but it's something that I'm definitely considering and want to do to push me further! For someone in my circumstances, a gym membership here is ideal for me for sure!"

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