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UK's strongest woman reveals all

"15 weeks later, and I'd won. Utter madness!"

"Xercise4Less has everything you need to start out and more"

Rebecca Leanne, UK's Strongest Woman, Xercise4Less Warrington

Becoming the UK's strongest woman

This is what happens when you just give things a try

Becca Leanne is already a title winner of the UK's strongest woman, but how does she plan to retain her title and compete in the WORLD's STRONGEST WOMAN contest in December this year? 

Over to Becca, how did you get into competing in strong woman competitions? When did you realise you had a talent for this? 

"It was my partner/coach who got me into the sport. Originally I was big into rugby and used the gym to get better at the sport I loved alas after getting crunched on the pitch I had to take out a 18 month hiatus into full recovery mode with barely any exercise to due to a severe back injury."

"In May 2016 I met my partner and started off with rehab work for my back. He felt I had great potential for the sport of Strongwoman. My partner had competed in Strongman competitions before which has been fantastic as I've been able to draw a great knowledge of the sport from him."

"I was thinking about having a dabble and was about to enter into a lifting contest, you know, just to give it a try." ~ Becca Leanne, UK's Strongest Woman.

Then we suddenly realised that the UK Strong Woman competition was on its way...and we were 15 weeks out. In a crazy made decision we decided 'what the heck, let's go for it'."

"15 weeks later, and I'd won. Utter madness!"


"I think this was the single moment when I actually realised I had a talent for this sport. The moment I first thought big and had the goal of being the strongest in the world."

"As I was holding up the winners trophy, the thirst for winning took hold. Ever since that moment of grandeur, lifting and competing has become a total lifestyle choice for me. I love it!"

UK's Strongest Woman 2016

World record holder for strongest grip

Won 2 titles in one weekend


How many competitions has Rebecca entered?


#1 - UK's Strongest Woman10th September 2016. Rebecca took down the event and came first on her debut into the sport. 

#2 - European Grip Championships in Norway on 13th May 2017. Rebecca won every event and set multiple World Records. 

#3 - Britains Strongest Natural Woman, 22nd July 2017. Rebecca finished first on the podium and won every event.

#4 - United Strongman 'World Strongwoman Championships', Finland on the 9th and 10th September 2017. Finished first in the competition and once again set a new world record.

#5 United Strongman World Grip Championships. Rebecca won gain. Achieving 2 world titles in one weekend!


"So in one calendar year I have won 2 x National Titles, a European title and 2 world titles. I am undefeated so far :)
I have no complaints and i am very happy with how everything has gone to date."


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Are more women taking up the sport?

"Definitely. The sport is growing day by day with more and more women joining in. There's also plenty of opportunities to get involved in the sport with plenty of local women's competitions tailored for first timers and novice competitors. Things have changed a lot now, women are lifting weights and they are not afraid to lift heavy.

Which event are you going to smash this year?

I love the Viking Press, it's my favourite event but also of course being world grip champion, any kind of event involving grip strength is great for me.

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