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Training for Miss Junior Bikini

Whilst recovering from endometriosis

"I'm 21 years old and an endometriosis survivor. My goals are to gain muscle and to compete for Miss Junior Bikini this upcoming year. I used to be stick thin but I'm starting to gain muscle and notice definition in my lower and upper body since learning more at Xercise4Less."

Emily, Stoke

Starting training

I'm 21 years old and an endometriosis survivor.
I have been a member of Xercise4Less for 2 years and I'm lucky enough to have 2 Xercise4Less gyms in my area. (Xercise4Less Stoke & Newcastle under Lyme).

At first it started off as a hobby to keep fit, and then I grew to know the staff more and more. Sometimes coming to the gym turned into a bit of a social gathering!

I was quite skinny and not that there's anything wrong with that but for me, personally, I knew I'd feel more comfortable and happy with myself if I put more weight on.



My hobby grew into a passion for competing. I had seen other members practising their bikini poses on the gym floor and in the changing rooms. It inspired me to do a great deal of research to see what the sport was all about. As time went on and I learned more about the body my goals changed towards competing; which is when I wanted to train specifically for these bikini comps.

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Competed at Pure Elite

Gained muscle

Busts cardio with Zumba


Training for the competition

My curiosity for the sport increased I ended up entering into my first competition in October 2016. Since then I have entered 2 more competitions and have noticed an amazing and considerable difference in my physique.

I have always been skinny and found it difficult to gain muscle, not to mention challenging (being a vegetarian), but it's something that I grow more knowledgeable on each day.

MY nearest Xercise4Less gyms have all the facilities that I need. The studio was always so useful to practice my posing as there's mirrors everywhere that also help you with form adjustment. On days when I didn't feel like doing cardio I would join in with a class to keep my heart rate up (my absolute favourite is Zumba).

I'm currently on my off season now where my aims are to bulk up, grow more muscle mass before I cut and step on stage next year. Like any sport, you have to keep on giving it your all whether it takes months or years. I would love to enter PCA next year to really challenge myself and push my body to the ultimate limits. Being placed within their federation would be my dream goal. 

What are my most recent achievements? Competing at Pure Elite was awesome. Even though I didn't place in the competition, I knew I'd come a very long way to where I was last year. What an experience! What else? Oh...not to mention having an exposee written up in the Daily Star with Xercise4Less :D Thanks guys!



My latest goals

I don't like strict training programmes, for me my goal isn't to hit a new personal record each week therefore I don't have to make note of what weights I'm hitting.

My goals are to always fatigue the muscle. It doesn't matter if I'm always switching up my routine, the end result will be the same beause I know I can keep on track.

I will be competing next year but I'm keeping it a secret as to where and when.

Watch this space  ;)


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My best advice

My best advice would be to take your time. You expect instant results and when you don't see that change you become demotivated. It's better to wait for something knowing you've put your all into it than to rush things and not be ready. I would also advise people to lose the scales! Whether your goals are fat loss or muscle gain, use a tape measure to measure yourself rather than using the scale. Scales are not accurate and by measuring yourself you can see specifically where progress is being made.

Fave muscle groups

My favourite muscle group to train is shoulders, I don't know why I just feel strong and get an insane pump on! I also love olympic lifting and deadlifts. My favourite classes are Zumba and Yoga! I would love to teach yoga I'm hoping to get my qualification next year so that I can start teaching it at X4L. And as cheesy as it sounds the staff helped me to achieve my goals. They're just all so lovely, they even made me brews! It's just little things like that and conversations that you have with them that keep you going when you've had a really pants day.

My diet

At the moment my diet is vegan and I'm looking to gain mass so I will be upping my calories to around 2000/2100kcal. I won't be strictly clean as I still like to indulge and I wont be counting macros to the T, but I'll be making sure I hit my macro intake and then anything else that I eat that day is just an added bulky bonus! With regards to my training, 2 lower body sessions a week, 1 shoulders, 1 biceps and tris, and 1 back, with abs dotted around.

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