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My muscle gain story.

Mike Harrison

"I used to be a skinny lad! Then I joined Xercise4less and started lifting weights, now I'm competing on stage!"

Mike Harrison, Hull Xercise4less Gym

From skinny to strong.

I have always criticized myself on my appearance and with my self confidence at an all-time low I could only ever see myself as “just being skinny and I cant change that".

One of the biggest struggles for me was nutrition and diet. My body type is Ectomorph which basically means a skinny guy who needs to eat lots in order to gain weight!  Most recommended diet plans cater for people who put on muscle and fat easily.

Last year I didn’t think I would make any more progress but I've kept to my high carb/protein requirement and to my training plan which requires me to train at least 4-6 times a week for 60-90 minutes a day and now I have more lean muscle than ever!

Competitive Bodybuilder

More lean muscle

Shaken off skinny stigma

My best tips and advice.

Best Advice

Stick to it. Consistency is key and positive thinking is a must, you can change and you will change. Find the people who have that same passion as you and train together.

Best Exercises

Lifting weights, compound lifts such as deadlifts, squats and bench press will get you gains in the long run!

Best Tip

Hit every muscle group! Have a clear plan and focus your mind on achieving it. Mix compound movements with isolation exercises, you'll soon see the results.

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