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Corporate social responsibility statement

Xercise4Less are committed to minimising the impact of our gyms on the environment while supporting the communities we operate in. At the heart of this is our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy. We have developed a strategy which was developed to consider our business, its day to day impact and where we can invest back into the community’s we are in.


- Flexible property requirements allow for a varied selection of units to be converted which other occupiers would discount. A number of which would be void spaces.

- Directly employed staff, circa 25 per site bringing additional jobs to communities.

- Low cost flexible membership options means the club is accessible to all.

- Involvement with national and local charities, examples to be given.


- Due to the low cost flexible membership options we have a varied cross section of members

- Our flexible offer drives a mixed member base; 53.9% male/46.1% female.

- Our continual review of the market and the requirements of our members has seen our net promotor score improve by 10% over the last 12 months.


The board recognise that people are key to our business and ensuring that we delight our members.

- Additional head office resource recruited to provide a dedicated training resource to both new starters and existing members of staff.

- Current staff retention rate is circa 93%, the board continual strives to improve this and provide a stable foundation on which to grow the business.

- Across our circa 700 members of staff we have a gender split of 54% male & 46% female which reflects our wide appeal as an employer.

- External development policy introduced across the company.

- Introduction of a ‘set up for success’ procedure for all staff.

- Staff engagement survey undertaken.

Health and Safety

- All staff receive relevant health and safety training (role dependant) before formally taking on their roles. Our internal and external Health and Safety representatives carry out a full audit and risk assessment of all new sites before they open to the public.

- All clubs have correctly stocked first aid kits, appointed first aiders and defibrillator units.

- Clubs carry out regular health and safety inspections on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, this includes checks on every single piece of gym equipment. Every club undergoes an annual fire risk assessment and a 6 month fire procedure review and drill.

- All clubs have a dedicated PPM service and agreed calendar for visits by third party specialists to review systems and procedures in place within the club.

- All third party contractors used are subject to an annual audit by an independent third party.

- All intruder alarms are monitored by a third party.

Environmental Responsibility

- All clubs are fitted with energy efficient systems from LED light fittings, sensor controlled lighting circuits, low energy air conditioning systems. All are fitted by governing body approved contractors.

- All clubs are fitted with low water consumption fittings from showers to taps.

- Electricity usage is monitored by a third party with notification received should a clubs usage be above the normal range.

- All clubs are fitted with a ‘last person out’ switch which isolates all but essential systems at the close of business.

On-line membership and cardless memberships minimises the consumption of resources.

Mixed recycling and general waste bins are provided at all clubs.

Free-weights flooring and running tracks made from recycled materials.


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