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Masala Bhangra

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Get your wiggle on at your local Xercise4Less with a Masala Bhangra workout


Bollywood meets exercise at a Masala Bhangra class. They’re one of the most fun group exercise events amongst our Xercise4Less gym members. We run Masala Bhangra classes every week at peak and off-peak times, so you can book Masala Bhangra at a time that suits you.

Xercise4Less gym offers its customers a bigger space, more gym equipment and a huge range of exercise classes that means gyms members get the opportunity to work out the way they want to without any hassle.

As part of the best gym membership at your Xercise4Less, you can book online to attend Masala Bhangra and up to 40 other fitness classes to challenge and test yourself, at no extra cost.


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One of the most energetic exercise classes at Xercise4Less is Masala Bhangra, which is an Indian-dance based program where the Dhol Drum beats meet Bollywood.

Masala Bhangra is the combination of Bhangra and Bollywood styles of dancing and aims to encourage everybody to get up and moving and try a new way to get fit.

Masala Bhangra is a fresh and exciting addition to the world of fitness and dance, hoping to promote, empower and inspire a permanent healthy lifestyle.

For the best value for money and for the most exciting Masala Bhangra class around, sign up to one of our classes through our website today!


 Sounds fun? Book a Masala Bhangra Class Today


 Book a Masala Bhangra Class Today

A Masala Bhangra class encourages you to channel the masculine side of Bhangra alongside the feminine grace of Bollywood to create a fun, calorie burning workout.

Masala Bhangra classes were designed by Sarina Jain, who wanted to create a unity of both her passions; culture and fitness. So, she decided to introduce Indian dance to the fitness world at a global level. Masala Bhangra encourages gym members to move, touch and inspire.

Masala Bhangra classes are designed for people of all ages and fitness levels who simply love to stay active. Using dance choreography directly influenced by the music and dance of modern Bhangra and Bollywood styles.

Masala Bhangra is a brilliant way to burn calories and provides a full body workout with endless health benefits.



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A typical Masala Bhangra class will last for 50 minutes and consist of traditional Indian dance moves set to energetic music with traditional drum beats.

Some of the health benefits of Masala Bhangra include building cardiac strength and heart rate and it also helps build stamina and balance.

The classes are a complete cardiovascular workout, with overall toning, body conditioning, building endurance and balance. Each Masala Bhangra class will leave you feeling refreshed and energised.

If you’re a gym member who wants to get your heart pumping and body moving, then this is the class for you. Another bonus? Each session will burn between 500-700 calories.

Book onto a Masala Bhangra class up to seven days in advance by using the Xercise4Less Mobile app, Website or at the gym reception and enjoy the most entertaining workout of all time.


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Peak membership from 52p per day / £3.69 a week


 Sounds fun? Book a Masala Bhangra Class Today

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