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Body Balance

Get fit at your local Xercise4Less with a Body Balance gym class

Head down to your local Xercise4Less and give a Body Balance exercise class a try. The yoga-based class will improve both your mind and body.

Xercise4Less Gyms offers its customers a bigger space, more gym equipment and a huge range of exercise classes that means gym members get the opportunity to work out the way they want to without any hassle.

 Included in your Xercise4Less gym membership is the option to book classes online. You can attend Body Balance and up to 40 other classes to help take your training to the next level.


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Body Balance provides a modern spin on yoga whilst incorporating aspects of Tai Chi and Pilates, with synchronised music on in the background. 

For those wanting to get into Yoga, Body Balance is the perfect entry-level class. However, you can also test yourself with more advanced exercises as you become more comfortable in a Body Balance class.

In a Body Balance exercise class, you can expect simple yet challenging exercises that will get you stretching out your body. Focus your mind and forget about the stresses of everyday life by giving Body Balance a try.

Body Balance will improve your core strength and increase your flexibility whilst creating a feeling of calm which you will continue to experience long after the class has finished.

Book a Body Balance class at Xercise4Less online today!


 Sounds fun? Book a Body Balance class today!


Book a Body Balance class online today


Body Balance classes offer a yoga-based workout. The Tai Chi and Pilates elements involved mean that Body Balance is more varied than your traditional yoga exercise class. You will see improved flexibility and core strength, whilst leaving with a renewed sense of calm and wellbeing.

For those leading busy lives, Body Balance is a great stress-busting class which is perfect for your mental wellbeing.

Instructors will help you control your breathing and focus, whilst taking you through meticulously structured stretches to give you a fully holistic workout which harmonises and balances your body and mind.

Even just one Body Balance class a week will see you reaping the rewards, but for full benefits you should aim for three classes a week. At the end of each class there will be time for relaxation and meditation to really help you unwind. 


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Peak membership from 52p per day / £3.69 a week


The Body Balance exercise classes, which are suitable for all levels of fitness, is a low-impact workout which increases muscle and joint flexibility without taking too much out of your body.    

The flowing workout that is set to soothing music will help deal with any postural problems you’re suffering from as well as any aches and pains.

The mind and body sector is one of the fastest growing areas in the fitness industry right now, so why not head down to your local Xercise4Less to test out Body Balance for yourself?

Gym members can book onto a Body Balance class up to a week in advance on the Xercise4Less Mobile app, on the website, or at the gym reception.


Not a member? Get an Xercise4Less Gym Membership Today 
Peak membership from 52p per day / £3.69 a week


 Sounds fun? Book a Body Balance class today!

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