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Work on your whole core at your local Xercise4Less with a Core4FiiT workout

Core4FiiT exercise classes are great for those who want an exercise class that focuses on creating a strong, balanced and sculpted trunk. Find a Core4FiiT exercise class on the Xercise4Less website to find a time that suits you.

Xercise4Less Gyms offers its customers a bigger space, more gyms equipment and a huge range of exercise classes that means gyms members get the opportunity to work out the way they want to without any hassle.


Xercise4Less offers the best gym membership, making it easy for gym members to book online to attend Core4FiiT and up to 40 other fitness classes, at no extra cost.


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Core4FiiT exercise classes are a core workout that not only work your abs, but also work your back and the rest of your trunk stabilisers.

Using a combination of high and low intensity body weight exercises, Core4FiiT exercise classes sculpt the full core.

The true core exercise class is designed to create a balanced, strong and sculpted trunk to support a stable core.

At a Core4FiiT exercise class, you’re sure to work up a sweat and the workout is also brilliant for improving posture.

For an intense, full core workout that helps you achieve an all-round better core, sign up to a Core4FiiT class today!


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Core4FiiT is a specially designed workout created specifically by Xercise4Less gyms for its members to enjoy.

The classes are similar to a standard abs class, however Core4FiiT exercise classes are deigned to work the whole of the trunk to enhance balance and strength, rather than focus solely on the abdominals.

There’s no need for any equipment at a Core4FiiT exercise class, with classes consisting of both high and low intensity own body weight exercises that focus on the back, obliques and abdominal muscles.

The exercise classes are perfect for those that want to burn fat around their waistline and sculpt their six pack while also ensuring their back muscles are strong and stable.


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Core4FiiT exercise classes are the perfect way to help improve your posture. The Ab and back exercises develop strength around the spine and pelvis bones meaning the bones sit in a neutral and more natural position. Soon you’ll no longer be slouching in your seat and feeling the benefits of a Core4FiiT exercise class.

Joining a Core4FiiT exercise class is can also help reduce lower back pain, something that is common amongst many people in the UK. Exercising your whole core can provide your body with better balance in both the front and back of your body and ease any pain in the lower back.

Book onto a Core4FiiT class up to seven days in advance by using the Xercise4Less Mobile app, Website or at the gym reception and enjoy this diverse and exciting workout.


Sounds fun? Book a Core4FiiT Class today

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