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Boogie Bounce

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Get bouncing at a Boogie Bounce exercise class today at a local Xercise4Less Gym.

Boogie Bounce classes are one of the most fun group exercise classes at Xercise4Less. We run Boogie Bounce classes every week at peak and off-peak times, so you can book a class at a time that suits you.

Xercise4Less gyms offers its customers a bigger space, more gym equipment and a huge range of exercise classes that means our gym members get the opportunity to work out the way they want to without any hassle.

Get the best gym membership on the market that offers all members a huge amount of value when joining a local Xercise4Less gym. Once you join, you can book online to attend Boogie Bounce classes and 40+ other fitness classes to keep fit, at no extra cost.

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One of the most fun exercise classes at Xercise4Less gyms is Boogie Bounce, which involves a complete exercise programme on a mini trampoline.

Working out on a mini trampoline is great for your bums, tums and thighs and a Boogie Bounce class works almost every part of your body, including facial muscles after all the laughing.

Everybody loves to bounce, and Boogie Bounce classes are suitable for all ages, shapes and sizes. Boogie Bounce is a brilliant way to get fit, workout and have fun doing it.

For the best value for money and for the best Boogie Bounce class around, sign up to one of our classes through our website today or on our free mobile app


 Sounds fun? Book a Boogie Bounce Class Today


Boogie Bounce classes have been a hit since 1996 and are great for their all-round health and fitness results.


A Boogie Bounce class uses a mini trampoline, with a safety bar, along with a brilliant, pumping music playlist to provide you with an intense, powerful and enjoyable full body workout.

According to NASA, bouncing is “the most efficient and effective exercise yet devised by man”. It’s more effective cardio than running and is just as effective as weight lifting for developing upper and lower body strength.

Boogie Bounce classes ensure you are gaining the health and fitness results which are associated with high impact aerobic classes, without even realising it!


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Peak membership from 52p per day / £3.69 a week


Boogie Bounce differs from bouncing on a regular trampoline because the aim isn’t to bounce as high as you can and perform all sorts of tricks. In a Boogie Bounce class, you’re required to perform a series of small, controlled movements.

Boogie Bounce classes use HIIT techniques to maximise fat burning. They also use the pliable surface of the mat to perform a range of core stability exercises which encourage engagement of the deep core muscles.

Boogie Bounce great for getting a health kick.  Boogie Bounce can give you an endorphin rush, making you feel revitalised and eradicated from any stress. As well as this, it helps burn calories , help with weight loss, improve muscular development and enhance balance and flexibility.

Boogie Bounce classes are great for those who want to avoid putting too much strain on their joints. The programme even helps rehabilitate injury’s and help individuals get back to full fitness.

Book into a Boogie Bounce class up to seven days in advance by using the Xercise4Less Mobile app, Website or at the gym reception and enjoy the most fun workout of all time.

Not a member? Get an Xercise4Less Gym Membership Today 
Peak membership from 52p per day / £3.69 a week


 Sounds fun? Book a Boogie Bounce Class Today

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