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Our next 8 Week Transformation Camp.

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4FiiT Body Transformation Camp

8 weeks to commit to the body you have always wanted. Guaranteed results or your old body back!

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Please note: This service is only available to people who are members of Xercise4Less

What to expect in a 4FiiT Transformation Camp.

You will achieve more than you thought possible with our unique Fun Inclusive Interval Training transformation programmes designed exclusively by 4Fiit Personal Trainers for Xercise4less. 

Finding a new you does not have to mean blood sweat and tears. Our experienced 4FiiT Transformation teams will take you through a carefully crafted 8 week training and nutrition programme alongside a select group all sharing the same goals and motivation. We will ensure your body transformation is achieved faster than you ever thought possible.

Throughout the 8 week Transformation camp you will receive dedicated guidance and tuition on our gym equipment to maximise results

You will train alongside like minded people with similar goals in an environment designed to optimise your achievements. Take advantage, make new friends. You will join an exclusive 4FiiT Transformation community where our very best Personal Trainers provide advice and support and your team mates give you the encouragement you need along the way.

All this for just £100.

The next transformation camp begins 4th December 2017.

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Places are limited so register your interest below today to join our next 4FiiT Transformation Body Camp. 

Be your own success story. All you need is the motivation, we'll do the rest. 

 Achieve together. Fitter together. Stronger together.

In it together. We believe in you.

What will the 4FiiT 8 week Transformation Camp include?

  • 3 PT led sessions every week.
  • Complimentary access to the Xercise4Less PRO APP
  • Keeping you connected to your PT for Exercise & Nutrition advice
  • PT hosted online hub unique to your Transformation camp for support & advice
  • Weigh ins. Comparison photos.
  • Additional Training programmes

Have fun, make friends, change your body.

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 * Payable up front, in full prior to camp start date.


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Benefits of Personal Training

Correct your form. 4FiiT tuition is the lifetime game changer. Be efficient. See results.
Photograph of lady doing weights - High Intensity Interval Training

Hiit training

Alternate between bursts of high intensity and fixed periods of low intensity whilst getting all the tuition you need for your goals.
Photographs of Jade Elder (member at Xercise4Less Milton Keynes gym training for her Bikini competition

My bikini body

Jade from Xercise4Less Milton Keynes reveals how she cuts her shapes for the Bikini season

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