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Enter into any of our transformation camps in 2018 for your chance to win a Porsche Boxster

The next camp begins 5th March.

Step 1. Become a member & join your nearest Xercise4Less gym.

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Step 3.  Work it. Transform your body & WIN A PORSCHE 


This is the year. Your chance. Drive some true momentum into 2018. Fuel your training.
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You have all year. Win a Porsche. Achieve the best transformation during our camps and win. Quarterly prizes also available.



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The next camp begins 5th March 2018

Achieve more than you ever thought possible.

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Submission rules


1.) Entries can begin from the 3rd of January 2018. This competition will be running all year. Quarterly prizes available with support from our sponsors Scitec Nutrition. The best 8 week transformations will be shortlisted after every camp and entered into the draw. These final entries will be showcased on our social media channels for the public to help decide. After adjudication the winner of the Porsche Boxster will be announced on 30th December 2018.


2.) Only Personal Trainers will be allowed to put camp attendees into the competition. They must have their clients' permission and consent prior to doing this. 'Before' photos must be uploaded at the beginning of camp on the first day.


3.) Members can be entered as many times as they like if attending camps back to back.


4.) A visual of the 'date' must be held up by the client when snap shotting any before or after photos to be uploaded. Please encourage members to stand beside the 4FiiT tote(m if installed) or TV screens. Any photos taken without a visible date in the photo will be disregarded. We suggest you click the link below and pass the member the iPad to hold up in a clear visible way as the photographs are taken.


Upload before picture | Upload after picture


Save the date

Photographs of Jade Elder (member at Xercise4Less Milton Keynes gym training for her Bikini competition

Jades bikini prep

Read how Jade prepped for the BodyPower Expo bikini contest in her amazing transformation showcase.

How I lost 20kg

Taking inspiration from other Xercise4Less members on Instagram, Emily decided to have a go herself. Emily's story hollas success from every inch inside our gym.
Girl in 4FiiT Zone gym. Leeds North

4FiiT 8 week camp

Enrol in the next 8 week transformation camp. Be the change you want to be. Achieve more than you possibly ever thought imaginable.

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