20 20 20

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What is it?

What is a 20 20 20 class?

20 20 20 is a mixture of cardiovascular and resistance exercises designed to target every muscle group in the body. The class consists of cycling, resistance work, and cardio.

What will a 20 20 20 class do for me?

It will improve your cardiovascular fitness dramatically and help to define and tone your body with regular exercise. With the class designed to work all muscle groups, it will give you a full body workout!

How long is 20 20 20 class?

The class is an hour long.

How often should I attend, and what should I wear?

We run the class twice a week at present so we recommend to attend at least once a week. This class works well if combined with Body Pump throughout the week. Suitable gym wear is recommended, with a pair of trainers to aid with stability that are appropriate for an indoor fitness centre.

 Hints & Tips

It is recommended to eat an hour before training and to bring a water along to the class, as well as a towel.